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Donations directly fund the expenses of individual campers. Will you be the one to send Oddish (“Punch Cancer”) to camp? Will you help Drew “Be Strong”? Twix comes to camp because of the “Hakuna Matata” attitude. Will you give her that experience? Smalls returns to camp each year so he can “live strong”.

Help us become family and feel the magic with whatever donation you are able to give. By giving $500 you sponsor a full week for one of our campers! We’ll send you an individual thank-you written by one of our campers Hank, or Elphaba, or Lola, etc. You’ll also receive a photo of your camper. Finally, you’ll get to experience the magic first-hand by receiving free admittance to Camp Kesem sponsored events including the reunions, fundraisers, dinners, and even a camp visit!


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never regret it.

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Donations are tax-deductible. Contact for any questions. Our 501(c)3 tax ID is 51-0454157. We encourage matching donations, in-kind good donations, service donations, etc. 

Checks can be made payable to “Camp Kesem at BYU” and mailed to: 

Camp Kesem at BYU

P.O. Box 7173

University Station

Provo, UT 84602


Camp Kesem is a Community Service Provider of Brigham Young University. The activities of Camp Kesem at BYU are entirely organized and directed separately from Brigham Young University, its employees and administrators. Donations made to Camp Kesem do not benefit nor are solicited on behalf of BYU. Camp Kesem uses BYU student volunteers, but is not a BYU organization and is not sponsored or funded by BYU. Camp Kesem uses “at BYU” for the sole purpose of distinguishing itself from other chapters of Camp Kesem. For more information regarding the relationship between Camp Kesem and Brigham Young University please contact our directors at or visit