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We’re Here When You Need Us

Our leadership team is available to receive your questions, concerns, and praise. We look forward to hearing from you.

Directors – byu@campkesem.org

Brittani (Gingersnap) Elkington and Peter (Hobbes) Moody

Contact the Directors for questions regarding the organization, its leadership, history and any other major needs. 


Community Outreach Coordinators – byu.outreach@campkesem.org

Yvonne (Squeaky) Allsop, Michelle (Willow) Stevens, and Julianne (Freckles) Francisco

Contact Community Outreach team for questions about the camper applications, family events, family needs, LiveSTRONG support services, reunions, and other camper participant information. 


Development Coordinators – byu.development@campkesem.org

Brett (Chef) Thompson and Cristina (Tuna) Tenney

Contact Development for any questions regarding sponsorship opportunities, donor information and fundraising events. We are happy to receive Boy Scouts of America participants interested in doing an Eagle project benefiting Camp Kesem. 


Operations Coordinators – byu.operations@campkesem.org

Tyler (Hulk) Glassford and Catherine (Kit Kat) Black

Contact Operations for questions about the camp facility, camp location, programming, schedule of events and other day to day organizational needs. 


PR/Marketing Coordinatorsbyu.pr@campkesem.org

Kyle (Bullwinkle) Kener and Hannah (Beta) Shawgo

Contact PR/Marketing for questions about all publicity opportunities, any of our media and social media campaigns, and marketing materials.


Volunteer Management – byu.volunteer@campkesem.org

Sean (Baloo) Allsop and Kristine (Teta) Jolley

Contact Volunteer Management for: help applying for staff positions, staff trainings, staff recruitment and other volunteer opportunities. 


Mail can be sent to:

Camp Kesem at BYU

P.O. Box 7173

University Station

Provo, UT 84602