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Camp Kesem at Brigham Young University 


2013 Campers in the “Let Them Be Kids.” project. View more online

Become a 2014 camper

Our camp accepted 73 campers for the 2013 session. Wanting to expand our reach and serve more families, we will have 100 campers for the 2014 session. Campers are admitted free-of-charge* and children ages 6-16 with a parent diagnosed with cancer are eligible to apply. This year, Camp Kesem at BYU will be held from August 11th – 16th at Camp Wapiti, located in Settlement Canyon in Tooele, Utah.

We are now full for our 2014 camp session. Please check back later this year for updates on registering for our 2015 camp session.

What to Expect as a Camper?

We do not provide direct therapy services, but rather facilitate an experience that generates optimism and encourages success through team building, outdoor activities and all-out fun! Our mission is to provide a supportive, lifelong community that recognizes and understands the unique needs of families coping with cancer.

The summer camp includes arts and crafts, drama, sports, outdoor adventure and other typical camp activities that are not specifically directed to cancer. Activities are planned to be fun, engaging, and relaxing. Our goal is to give children their childhood back.

If you are new to the cause of Camp Kesem and would like more information about admission and services offered please contact our Community Outreach leaders at or the Camp Directors at

*Although campers and counselors are admitted free-of-charge, all the funds to facilitate the camp are secured through local fundraising. For more information about contributing to the development of Camp Kesem please email


2013 counselors in the “Let Them Be Kids.” project. View more online

Become a 2014 Staff Member!

As a grassroots organization we thrive on dedicated university students to staff our camp. Each year they donate thousands of hours to preparing, organizing, and training for camp. In 2013 we had 35 staff positions including administrative staff, counselors, cooks, special activities leaders and more! Each staff member is an unpaid volunteer.

We have reached our capacity for counselors for this year, but we are always in need of volunteers year-round! For additional involvement information visit the “Get Involved” page. We also recommend following us on facebook for updates to events throughout the year.

Summary of Major Staff Positions

Cabin counselors are the foundation of a successful camp. The majority of the staff needed will be “cabin counselors”. Responsibilities before camp include: participation at Fall/Spring reunions, actively attend other Camp Kesem events, learn camp songs, attend 20 hours of counselor trainings, complete online safety training, and fundraise at least $500. Counselors guide the youth through various activities and are the first line of leadership for the kids.

Program Counselors are cabin counselors who take on additional responsibility to plan, organize and execute the individual activities at camp. Each sub-activity has two program leaders. Available opportunities are in: Drama, Arts and Crafts, Outdoor Adventure and Sports. Before camp responsibilities include the same mentioned for cabin counselors as well as forming committees and directing necessary planning and preparations for meaningful Drama, Sports, etc. activities during the week of camp.

Teen Counselors are very similar to cabin counselors but specifically work with youth ages 14-16. These youth have typically attended camp several years and know what to expect. As a Teen Counselor you will be camping in the great outdoors two nights away from the actual camp facility. Counselor responsibilities include planning and preparing the two night adventure in the woods as well as organizing more mature team building activities throughout the week.

Unit Leaders are mature and seasoned counselors that understand the purpose of Camp Kesem thoroughly. During the preparations for camp they may be called on to assist in trainings and/or events. During the week of camp they are a resource for new counselors and campers. They are the second line of leadership at camp and provide direction during difficult or sensitive situations.

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