All counselors are BYU-I students who go through a competitive application and interview process.  We welcome all students to join a committee to help out, as you are not required to be a counselor to be on a committee. However if you are on a committee, you will have priority to come to camp as a counselor when the time comes to choose who gets to go! All of our students are passionate about the mission of Camp Kesem and often put in several hours each week on top of their coursework to make camp as successful as possible.


Meet our Counselors for 2015!


rachelle byui

Rachelle Steffen

Hey, I’m Rachelle. I’m from Visalia, California. I’m going to school to be a nurse. I ot involved in Camp Kesem because I’m still a kid at heart! I love board games, singing and dancing.

logan byui

Logan Abrams

I was born and spent my childhood under the rain in the Pacific Northwest. However, Star Valley, Wyoming is my home community. I am a Junior studying Neurobiology hoping to fulfill a career in medicine centered around babies and children. I honestly believe I love everything about life equally, except for cats and mustard of course! Those two things I love less. Here to camp for both of my Grandfathers who I lost to cancer.

ashley byui

Ashley Wadsworth

My name is Ashley Lorraine Wadsworth. I am 21 years old and I am from Sugar City, Idaho.  In the home I grew up in, I was the oldest of seven children. I have several step siblings however making me the third oldest of thirteen. Big families are the greatest. I love to sing and I love to play the piano and my ukulele. I also love sports. I like to travel and I love being outside.  I enjoy watching a good movie and I love to laugh. I am currently pursuing a degree in therapeutic recreation. I want to help troubled youth realize their potential and see that life  can be a beautiful thing.

rebecca3Rebecca McBride

My name is Rebecca Joy McBride, I’m a 21 year old from beautiful Southern California. I’m definitely a city girl but I also absolutely love being outdoors and challenging myself, whether it be back packing, camping, or competing in triathlons. I’m majoring in Health Science and later enrolling into a nursing school to become an international nurse. My biggest dream is traveling the world and helping those that are not able to help themselves. I can’t wait to add more stamps to my passport and experience everything this life has to offer.

kristyharperKristy Harper

My name is Kristy Harper. I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and am the youngest of four kids. I enjoy competitive eating, laughing at my own jokes and singing in the shower. Currently, I’m majoring in health science, with hopes of becoming a pediatric dietitian. When I was younger, I never liked talking to new people, but I sure make up for lost time now! If you’re looking for a friendly face or simply someone to joke around with, I’m your girl.

sydneySyd Stanger

My name is Syd Stanger and I am from Salt Lake City, Utah. I am the oldest of four kids and love my family. I am studying business marketing at BYU-I. I love to travel and meet new people! I have done humanitarian work in Vietnam and plan on living in Asia next year. Refugees have a special place in my heart as I tutored children from all over the world and crafted with refugees mothers. I have taught and coached swimming for four years and love seeing kids light up when they accomplish something challenging. I love to listen and play music, read books, and be outside. I am so excited to be a part of Camp Kesem this summer!