Coordinator Bios

Outreach Team


Since birth Evan was born with an innate sense of adventure. At the young age of 15, Evan became a river guide where he would guide 1000 plus kids and adults in kayaks down the Salmon River. Later in High school Evan competed in many sports like wrestling, boxing, swimming and track. Being no stranger to hard things, Evan’s Older Brother was diagnosed with grade IV brain tumor and passed away about a year and a half later. Letting this fuel him, Evan joined Camp Kesem to add his support and voice to fight cancer.

Jonathan Bryan
I am from Flordia, Ohio and Alabama. I am studying exercise physiology with the goal of becoming a surgeon. I love playing and watching all sports. I am the number 1 Ohio State fan! One of my favorite things is music. I love to sing, play the guitar and dryms. I got Involved with Camp Kesem because I know how important it is for those who are in a stressful situation to keep a place they can let go and feel free from their worry.

HI I’m Chelsea Fausett. Im a senior at BYU-I. Im studying Neuroscience & I love every minute of it. My camp name is Dawayne “The Rock” Johnson! I am part of Camp Kesem because it is a great program for kids and teens to be themselves. Im here to let the kids know that they are not alone and that this Camp Kesem is a place to have fun

Development Team


Hi I’m Joe, A.K.A. Smalls. I am from Mesa, Arizona. I have been married for over 3 years. I am a pre-med student studying exercise physiology . I am here with Camp Kesem because my mother in law had cancer when my wife was a teenager. It still affects her to this day. My mother –in-law survived but it still has a lasting effect. I want to help these kids have fun and enjoy their time at camp.


Hi, my name is Ari House, A.K.A Chipmunk! I am a Senior at BYU-I, studying art, design and business so I can start my own clothing design company. I am a California native, I love meeting new people, and from time to time make my own words to songs. I heard about camp kesem through my husband “Chancho” who is also a coordinator. After learning about all the children and families Camp Kesem has brought joy to, I knew I wanted to get involved! I can’t wait to meet these kids and help them just be kids for a week.


Hey my name is Kyle House, my camp name is Chancho! I’m from Fort Collins, CO. This will be my second year with camp Kesem. I Kesem because I want to help those families affected by cancer. My mom has an auto immune disease and growing up she worked hard to not let her illness affect my childhood. She wanted my childhood to be worry free. I want to help these families do the same for their kids.

Marketing & PR team


Intro: My name is Kaleb Roberts I am a Junior at BYU-Idaho studying human biology. My goal is to get my degree and chase my goal of going to medical school. My Kesem Story: I got introduced to Camp Kesem when I student made an announcement in one of my classes and showed one of the camp Kesem videos. They let us know that they were looking for volunteers to help start up the camp at BYU-ID. I immediately wanted to be a part of camp because cancer has struck close to home in my family. My grandpa and my uncle both passed away from cancer and I know what it feels like to lose somebody that I love. I want the kids to know that they are not alone and that there is hope to keep pushing on.


Intro: My name is Rachel Brooks, AKA Hippo. I’m from Kennewick, Washington. I’m a Sophomore at BYU-Idaho majoring in communication, emphasis in public relations.

My Kesem Story: Coming soon!

Volunteer Coordinators


Intro: My name is Tyler Ara, aka “Zulu”. I am 22 years old, a Utah native.I am a BYU-Idaho student, studying Health Science with a the end goal of being a chiropractor. I love lifting up those around me.

Operations Coordinators

Intro: My name is Jason, but at camp I go by Koon Dog. I’m an Idaho native, born & raised in Rexburg. My dream is to become an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon and be able to treat people with birth defects, trauma and cancer in the jaws and face.
My Kesem Story: I got so lucky and stumbled on Camp Kesem. I was looking for something I could volunteer with, but I found something completely life changing. I have never had to deal with a parent with cancer and I can’t imagine how much of a struggle it would be. I remember when I was a little kid my mom got sick. It was just a cold or the flu- something not very serious, but I remember being so scared and worried, at a loss for what I should do. Magnify my experience by about a million and it might start to approach the feelings the kids of cancer patients are having. By becoming involved with camp Kesem I’ve started to empathize with the kids we will be serving at camp, and I’m becoming more and more excited for the week of camp!


My name is Cory Daley. I was born and raised in California. I am studying exercise physiology and hoping to go to dental school. I love being outside and active. I wanted to be a part of camp Kesem because I was closely affected by cancer and I want to give back to others who have been affected.


Intro: My name is Tayler Johnson (a.k.a Magic). Im from Los Angeles CA. I study the science of biochemistry, planning on either going to medical school or graduate school.

My Kesem Story: I heard about Camp Kesem from our main man Darren and how I could get involved and make a difference. I Kesem because I love kids and I love being a positive Influence on those around me. Its just who I am. Combine those 2 qualities and you get Camp Kesem!