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Boys in BRAS? Optical Illusion?! Think again!

The planning of Camp Kesem 2013 is in full swing! The fundraising team just had our first event: STUFF HIS CUPS!! Stuff His Cups is when we have awesome male supporters of Camp Kesem donning colorful bras and asking passerbys to ‘stuff his cups’ to raise money for camp. Other members of the CK family are there to explain that this weird but fun event is for a good cause and that our male supporters aren’t afraid to expose themselves to help kids whose parents have been affected by cancer.

With this in mind, some brave volunteers ventured out into the jungle, otherwise known as Columbia’s campus, hoping to fundraise, raise awareness and have fun!

Check out the press coverage we received! We also got a free pair of earrings from a Barnard vendor. One of our volunteers even gave a spiel about Camp Kesem while he was wearing a bra; the spiel was broadcasted on Latino Heritage Month’s promotional video. 

Pictured: (left) Stretch, Mint, Freddy, Scooby, Fluffy, Shaggy, Mushu, Joe, Nugget, Tomas, Spud, Sean (right)

In other exciting news, Save the Dates for our camper and counselor reunion went out a few days ago! We cannot be more excited to be reunited with our CK family on November 17th, 2012!

CK Love,
Spud, Mint and Mushu