Camp Kesem has some exciting news – thanks to the generous support of our donors and supporters, we are opening 8 new programs in 8 new communities.  These new programs will allow us to serve hundreds of more children and families for years to come.

We are particularly grateful to the following donors for providing seed funding to launch these chapters: Richard and Dara Levy, Bobby Jackson, the Hellman Foundation, Highmark, Novartis, and Tower Cancer Foundation & the Cancer Free Generation.  We are incredibly excited to work with the students at these new universities to begin their training and program preparations.

Our 8 new chapters, which will start operations immediately to offer their first camp in Summer 2015, are:

Boston College
Carnegie Mellon University
Cornell University 
California State University, Fresno
Princeton University
UC Santa Barbara
University of South Alabama 
 With these new chapters, Camp Kesem will have 62 chapters nationwide in 29 different states! This means our programs will be accessible to thousands of more children than today.
 We also wanted to share our newest video to help share the magic of Camp Kesem:
Camp Kesem: Luke's Story
Camp Kesem: Luke’s Story
Please feel free to share this wonderful news with all of your friends and family. Camp Kesem is overjoyed to be able to reach new children and new communities in need across the United States!