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Become a Counselor

Counselor applications for Camp Kesem 2015 are now closed!
We are no longer accepting applications for Camp Kesem Berkeley counselors, but always welcome new members to join the Kesem family!

Even if you cannot be a camp counselor, you can still help us plan and fundraise for camp! General members are important in making sure camp is a success by working in one of 6 committees.  Counselor training is every Wednesday from 7-8 with meetings following from 8-9. To find out where these meetings are, please e-mail berkeley.volunteer@campkesem.org and we will add you to our student mailing list! Camp Kesem is open to all UC Berkeley undergraduate students, and general members are organized into one of six committees for the semester. Once the counselor application is released, members are encouraged to fill it out and apply to be counselors for the week of camp. The counselor selection process occurs in the Spring. Listed are the main responsibilities that each committee is responsible for throughout the year.

  • Operations
    • Camp Budget
    • Camp Programming and Daily Schedule
    • In-Kind Donations
    • Camp Transportation
    • Special Guests
  • Outreach
    • Community Partnerships
    • Camper Recruitment
    • In a Pinch and Camper Family Relations
    • Camper Reunions
  • Development 
    • Soliciting Private and Corporate Donations
    • Donor Relations
    • On-and-off campus fundraisers
  • Volunteer
    • Counselor and member recruitment & selection
    • Counselor Training and DeCal Facilitation
    • Socials & teambuilding events
    • Counselor-in-Training Program
  • Special Events
    • Make the Magic Dinner and Silent Auction
    • 5K
  • PR and Marketing 
    • Promotional Videos
    • Website and Social Media Management
    • Publicity
    • Kesem Gear