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Meet our Camp Kesem Berkeley 2013-2014

Coordinator Team!



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Thalea “Tinsel” Torres

Hey there! My name is Tinsel and I am a Senior double majoring in Psychology and Social Welfare. I was lucky enough to serve on the Fundraising/Development team last year and am now excited to have the role of Director! My hobbies include being in love with everything Disney, crocheting, and watching movies. I love everything about camp and am looking forward to making new memories in both weeks of camp this year!




1377400_10202154635850066_1754303403_nMadison “Luna” Chapman

Hello all! My name is Madison, but most people here know me as Luna. . I am a second year Political Science major and Public Policy minor and one of the Directors for Kesem! Kesem has been such a defining experience for my time here at Cal and nothing makes me happier than being around my Kesem family and our super-cool-totally awesome-rad campers! While not reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I enjoy pretending that I am Emma Watson, hiking, baking ombre cakes, finding smelly new cheeses, drinking absurd amounts of coffee, watching the Daily Show, and dreaming incessantly about returning to Peru. People say that I have good silly phrases, but don’t believe the hype.  I am already counting down to camp 2K14 to continue making the magic happen, and have so much excitement and joy for what this year in Kesem has to offer. It only gets better and better! Stay classy!


IMG_4993Mikhail “Mowgli” Pakvasa

Hey guys! My name is Mowgli, I am currently in my fourth year and sadly last year at cal as a Molecular and Cell Biology major. I am super excited to be the Teen Admin Coordinator this year and look forward to planning the most awesome week of camp ever. In my free time I love exploring the outdoors, and my favorite camp song is “Baby Shark.” I can’t wait to go to camp for a third time next summer!






Erin “Splash” Levis

Hi everyone! My name is Splash and I’m currently a sophomore here at Cal majoring in Public Health.  My favorite things to do in my spare time are traveling to new places, finding yummy foods to try, and spending time with family and friends. One of my favorite memories from camp this past summer is having a blast with all the campers at the lake on the rope swing, blobbing, and going down the massive waterslide.  I’m so excited to be a part of the coordinator team so I can help pick an awesome camp theme and plan fun camp activities for everyone to enjoy! I am so excited for another year of Camp Kesem magic!

IMG_5037Lynne “Scout” Rosenberg

Hey! My name is Scout and I’m a fourth year pre-med Integrative Biology major.  I have been involved in Camp Kesem Berkeley since I was a tiny freshman and I’m so very excited to be a Director of Operations in my last (so sad) year at school.  Mowgli, Splash, and I will be sure to make this year’s camp theme and schedule the best is has ever been (extra hours on go karts and archery anyone?).  In my spare time, I like to listen to musical soundtracks on full blast, blow bubbles with my tongue, and think about Harry Potter conspiracy theories (SPOILER: is Dumbledore really alive…?).  In all seriousness, I have loved my last four years with Camp Kesem and I am more than thrilled to be involved with it for years and years to come, no matter where in the the world I end up! Oh and my favorite camp song is totally the Llama Song.


Camper Care


Previn “Zeppelin” Ganesan

Hi! My name’s Previn and I’m a 3rd year MCB major, but I’m not sure what it stands for! This is my first year as a Camper Care Coordinator, and I’m so excited to delve into my responsibilities with my co-pilot Quill. This year will be chock-full-of reunions, In-A-Pinch Events, Zachary’s pizza eating, and magic-making! In my free time, I enjoy compact cars, complex carbs, and solving complex problems. Heretofore, from shell to core, I do adore, S’mores and I’m looking forward to making this year our best year yet!

1376351_10202154596049071_1731785049_nBrianna “Quill” O’Leary

Hello All, my name is Quill! This is my second year as a Camper Care Coordinator, and my 4th and final year at Cal! I’m quite pumped to fill this year with planning reunions, coordinating with parents, and finding bits of magic in everyday life! Off the court, I enjoy reading poetry, writing poetry, trekking through the great outdoors, and singing the camp classic, “Sixties Party.” Would it be so, this year shall be the best year heretofore! Bye!



Jessica “Nike” Cross

Hello! My name Nike, and I am a third year at CAL majoring in Integrative Biology.  When I am not studying away in a local café or library you can find me at any of the CAL sporting events especially if it is a baseball or soccer game! I am huge sport fan and grew up playing soccer and basketball. I am originally from Southern California, so you can catch me wearing an Angel’s baseball hat from time to time. In addition, I love to run, there is nothing like it and I always love wearing my Nike’s (hence the name). My favorite camp song is “Get your body moving” because I can never stay put and just want to get up and dance all the time. I can’t wait to return to camp and see all the campers from last year and can’t wait to meet all the new ones! Just do it!



Haley “Sundance” Urbach

Hello! My name is Sundance and I’m currently a sophomore at Berkeley, majoring in Psychology. One of my favorite memories from camp this summer was watching the Blue Unit get “blobbed” at the lake. I’ve never seen a camper fly so high! In my spare time I enjoy photographing, crafting, traveling, and watching movies. One of my favorite camp songs is definitely the Llama Song. This year I am looking forward to being on the finance team and getting a lot of donations so we can have another awesome year at camp!




Brandon “Swipes” Hui

Good aye! In normal-people life I am Brandon the 4th year Integrative Biology major, but in Kesem I go by Swipes. I’ve been in Kesem for two years and wanted to spend my last year at Cal contributing as much as I can to this incredible organization. I’m super psyched for this year because I may go to both weeks of camp which will almost make up for the year that I wasn’t part of Kesem, and I will get to see so many returning campers along with many new ones. My favorite camp song is definitely “Humpy Dumpty” because it lets me release all my pent up energy in the form of yelling and dancing (I’m named after a breakdance move).




Kaya “Waka” Halpern

Hello World! My name is Waka and I am currently a Junior majoring in Conservation and Resource studies. I am so excited to be one of the Outreach coordinators, Kesem has been one of the most meaningful and fun experiences in my time at Berkeley. One of my favorite camp memories was watching my wonderful cabin of yellow unit girls preform in the talent show, I may have shed a few tears that night! In the little spare time that I have I enjoy swimming, hiking, eating fruit and having spontaneous dance parties to Shakira. I can’t wait for another amazing year of Kesem magic!




Charlotte “Wrigley” Runzel

Greetings! My name’s Charlotte, but better known as Wrigley! I’m a second-year public health/pre-med major and peace and conflict studies minor. I was the sports director at camp last summer because I love playing sports and being active! I have a nerdy side too, and really like organic chemistry. I’m so excited for camp this summer so I can swim in the lake and go off of the rope swing! I was in the blue unit during week two and we were called the “Blue Fred Mooses” and that’s my favorite camp song! I hope our coordinator team make this summer the best one yet!



Special Events


Lisa “Chip” Reilly

Hi everyone! I’m Chip, a sophomore Public Health major and Spanish minor at Cal. I couldn’t be more excited to be a Special Events Coordinator for this upcoming year! My favorite camp memories are all from meal times, including singing camp songs at the table. In my spare time you can find me drinking coffee, swimming in the ocean, and talking about how much I love San Diego. I can’t wait to experience the magic a second time around!

Student Support


Chelsea “Rhapsody” Ortiz

Hi, I’m Chelsea, but that’s irrelevant because I’m better known as Rhapsody! I am a fourth year Political Science major and this is my third wonderful year with Camp Kesem and second year being a Student Support Coordinator. Joining Camp Kesem has been the best decision I have made in college and the experiences I have going to camp every summer are the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. When I’m not busy with Kesem, I enjoy running (although it’s more of a love/hate relationship right now as I heal from a post-marathon injury), eating any and all carbohydrates, listening to Queen (hence, the name of Rhapsody), and spending time with my family and friends. Last year was a blast, but I know this upcoming year will be even better!



1378416_10202154600849191_538757038_nEvan “Hobbes” Winger

Hey there, I’m Hobbes!  I am currently a third year Mechanical Engineering major, and as $tu$o this year, I am excited to work with Rhapsody and Ohana to round up the most excited, passionate, creative, dedicated, hardworking, innovative, prepared, and magical batch of counselors the world has ever known.  I love my Kesem family and feel so lucky to be a part of all the fun we will have together this year.  In my free time I enjoy rumpus-ing around with my best friends Karl the Caterpillar and Fred Moose.  Is it time for camp yet?






 Samantha “Ohana” Yin

Hello! My name is Samantha but everyone in Kesem calls me Ohana! I am currently a third year Nutritional Science: Physiology and Metabolism major and 1/3 of our Student Support dream team. Kesem has been a wonderful part of my Berkeley career and I feel so blessed to work alongside such amazing counselors. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a bunch of campers screaming camp songs at their top of their lungs at 8 o’clock in the morning and seeing campers hugging counselors not wanting to let go on the last day of camp. On my free time, you’ll find me at Disneyland with my little sister, running, hiking, working at the Rose Parade, or playing with my two dogs! I can’t wait for camp this upcoming summer, where I can sing (or scream!) Fred Moose at the top of my lungs with 60 other campers!