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Belated CKIU Blog Introduction

Welcome back to the CKIU blog!!!

With all of the excitement around the beginning of the school year and the start of a new year of Camp Kesem I completely forgot to introduce myself and this blog.  For that I am sorry, but that’s why I am here now.

My name is Hobbes (aka Steve Jastrow) and I am the PR/Marketing Coordinator for Camp Kesem Indiana University.  That’s me on the left there!  I oversee the CKIU website, as well as the Facebook and Twitter accounts (which you all should Like/Follow if you haven’t already).  I am also in charge of marketing our different events throughout the year across campus and getting some publicity through local media outlets.

For this blog, I plan on a couple different types of posts throughout the year, not just an regular, boring update every other week.  Some of the types of posts include:

  • Fundraising updates/news on how the planning for CKIU 2013 is going
  • Counselor Stories
  • Camper Stories
  • Video Blogs or what some people call VLOGS
  • Pictures of Events

If you have any other ideas of content you would like to see or if you are a camper that wants to write for the blog email campkesemindiana@gmail.com.

As for an update on how things are going these days, we are off to a good start to the year.  We have been very successful on football gameday cannings as well as canning on Kirkwood.  There is a Dine-to-Donate coming up on Tuesday, October 9th at Noodles & Co. on Kirkwood.  If you are in Bloomington between 5 and 9pm stop in at Noodles and say “Camp Kesem” when you order and we get 25% of the money.

Also, starting next week we will be in the midst of a LIKE WAR with Camp Kesem Illinois.  Lookout for more information on that and how you can help on our Facebook page later this weekend.

Welp, that’s all I got this week, check back for an update in the coming weeks.