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Our Camp

Camp Kesem Augustana will be held at the Y Camp of Des Moines on July 19th-25th, 2015. The Y Camp of Des Moines is located in Boone, IA, and Camp Kesem Augustana will be providing bussing from Augustana College to the Y Camp of Des Moines for the convenience of the parents.

Y Camp is located on 400 acres of forest in Des Moines River Valley. The camp includes rock climbing, horse back riding, archery, canoeing, bonfires, zip line, and much, much more!


One of the many activities the Y Camp of Des Moines provides is canoeing. All campers will get to experience the canoeing pond, which is run by certified Y Camp staff. Campers play variety of games and learn how to maneuver a canoe with the help of their counselors! All campers and counselors are required to wear life vests. Safety first!

Along with canoeing, all campers will swim in the Y Camp swimming pool every day! The pool includes two slides, and all campers are required to take a swim test on the first day of camp to see where they are able to swim.

All cabins are air conditioned and will be separated by age and gender. All cabins are bunk bed style, and campers will sleep in the same cabin as their unit for the week.