Camp Kesem at Augustana 2014

Since the summer of 2001, Camp Kesem has given children affected by a parent’s cancer the opportunity to just be kids. The ever-expanding Kesem community engages in camp activities like sports, arts and crafts, and drama to give campers a fun-filled week. Campers also participate in ” cabin chats” with fellow campers and counselors, giving children the chance to share their experiences with each other. There are plenty of laughs and a lot of emotional support, but Camp Kesem does not provide therapy. A tremendous fun and supportive experience is what makes a transformative, magical week for campers and counselors alike.

Camp Kesem was started in 2001 at Stanford University. After becoming a National Organization in 2002, Camp Kesem has grown and is currently on 62 college campuses throughout the country. We look forward to serving more campers every year!

Camp Kesem Augustana will be holding its fourth year of camp in the summer of 2015! Camp dates are July 19-25 at the Y Camp of Des Moines in Boone, IA.

Camp Kesem makes a huge impact on the lives of children, but it also prepares and empowers a generation of student leaders by allowing responsible college-age individuals to make a meaningful difference. Each of our camps around the country is organized and operated by the leaders of tomorrow who gain hands-on experience in fund-raising, finance, marketing and project management as they bring much-needed happiness to these truly deserving kids. In addition to real-world skills, Camp Kesem enables student-leaders to discover their passion for serving others.