Meet the Coord-Board

Camp Kesem ASU 2014-15 Coord-Board


Chapter Directors

Ali “Gator” Lutz

Hey Camp Kesem, my name is Ali aka Gator! This is my 4th amazing year at Camp Kesem ASU and I cannot wait until CK 2015! I am a senior at ASU studying Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Outside of class and camp I love watching and playing sports, napping, and eating. I’m so excited to reunite with the crazy kids and counselors at camp in July and sing my favorite songs! In the meantime keep your llamas up and rock on!

Cylee “Minnie” Brieske

Hey everybody! I’m Minnie and as you can probably guess I am obsessed with anything and everything Disney and the magic that surrounds it! I joined Kesem to surround myself with magic 24/7 and also to share it with others. I currently work at a preschool on campus and I teach dance at a charter school. I am studying to be a speech-language pathologist, I hope to become a speech therapist for children or for veterans. In my free time I love reading, crafting and dancing! I can’t wait for all the fun times this year has in store, yay!

Operations Coordinators

Asia “Juice” Poole

I GOT A PINEAPPLE HAT! And my name is Juice (Sing-songy, “Pineapple Hat” style). My favorite song is obviously “Pineapple Hat”; I get way into it. This is my third year at camp and first year on the board. I am a Junior at ASU studying Public Relations at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. When I’m not thinking about my studies or CK, I am dancing, cooking with music or watching movies with my friends. I look forward to camp the moment after the last camp ends, so CK 2015 hurry up and get here!

Sarah “Hedwig” Haller

Hello! My name is Sarah, but since I love both owls and Harry Potter, feel free to call me Hedwig! I am a sophomore microbiology student with the aim of being a doctor when I graduate from ASU. I love playing my violin, snowboarding, archery, binge watching Netflix and Marvel movies, and chilling with all of my awesome friends. This is my second year of being involved with Camp Kesem, and I could not be more excited to be planning an amazing week of camp for our wonderful Kesem family!

Rachael “Teddy” Salik

Hey Camp Kesem! My name is Teddy, but some people call me Rachael. I am a sophomore at ASU, studying Elementary Education. I love reading, traveling, volunteering, cuddling with my dogs, spending time with my friends, and eating chocolate. After college I would love to teach in another state, or even abroad! This is my second year in Camp Kesem, and I am beyond excited to be planning an incredible week of camp this summer! I can’t wait for another awesome week of camp with my amazing Kesem family.

Outreach Coordinators

Sarah “Chewy” Blanchard

Hello there! Whether it is in reference to Star Wars or the granola bar, you can call me Chewy. A loud Wookiee call would probably do the trick as well. I am currently a junior at ASU and am majoring in Nursing! I am an Arizona native who hopes to one day work in pediatrics as a traveling nurse. My interests include reading, hiking, cooking, playing sports, and, most importantly, watching Netflix in bed with my dog. I also enjoy traveling and would love to go backpacking across Europe and Asia (although that may take a while)! This is my third year in Camp Kesem and my second year as an Outreach Coordinator member! I could not be more excited for CK Summer 2015 and the rest to come!

Alyssa “Shiny” Ojeda

Hello to all you wonderful people! My name is Shiny and I am absolutely thrilled being one of the Outreach Coordinators this year! I am a sophomore at ASU majoring in Psychology with dreams of becoming a physical therapist for children with special needs. Other than being involved with Camp Kesem and/or my head buried in books upon books, you can find me on the court playing volleyball, in the kitchen making a delectable meal, or watching movies with friends! This is my second year being in CK and first year as an Outreach Coordinator and I cannot even begin to tell you how in love I am with this organization and all the beautiful people in it! I’m definitely looking forward to THE BEST TWO WEEKS EVER THIS SUMMER!! CK love all the way <3

Volunteer Coordinators

Brittany “Bambie” Becvar

Hey everyone! Bambi here! I am a senior at ASU studying speech and hearing sciences hoping to get my masters in speech pathology and specialize in cleft palate children. I am obsessed with all Chicago sports teams (besides the cubs. Sorry I am a white sox fan!) Besides running half and full marathons, teaching swim lessons to kiddos, and missing my amazing family in Chicago (where I was born and raised) I LOVE being apart of Camp Kesem and I thank my best friend all the time who is the director at University Of Illinois for telling me about Kesem! This organization means the world to me and I cannot wait to attend camp again this summer!

Roisin “Fez” Doy

Hey hey hey! My name is Roisin Doy but you can call me Fez! I am a senior at Arizona State University! If I’m not at my internship or in class I’m probably sporting a cool Camp Kesem tank and my chi weenie puppy Stella is somewhere close. This will be my third year attending camp and I couldn’t be more excited! In my free time I love to watch movies, cuddle with my puppy and my cat, and craft craft craft (I’m a sorority girl at heart). Volunteering has always been an incredible part of my life and I love the Camp Kesem family we have at ASU!  I’m ready to knock these two weeks of camp out of the park!

Finance Coordinator

Eddie “Scooby” Mehta

Hey there everyone, my name is Eddie but here at camp everybody calls me Scooby, rhe-he-he-he-he! I am a senior at Arizona State University, and I am studying history and political science, which I hope to use one day to work in an embassy overseas and help those in need. I am addicted to Netflix and cheesy movies but love going outside for a good swim. I love my Kesem family, and this will be my second year at camp and I cannot wait to be back and see all the kids again and sing about Fred the moose! One of the things I am most excited for is expanding camp to two weeks, making sure there is even more Kesem love for everyone!

Public Relations Coordinator

Diana “Princess” Rayes

Hey beautiful people! My name is Diana aka Princess. When I am not ruling peasants, I mean campers, at camp, I am the Marketing/PR coordinator for Camp Kesem! I am studying Psychology at ASU so I can read your minds and conquer the world- actually, I hope to become the world’s nicest, shot-giving pediatrician someday. I have a strong affinity for Subway cookies, traveling to Europe, and feeding my Snapchat addiction. I miss and love my campers very much and am counting down the days until I can see everyone again! #purplegirlsrule #twoweeksforwhat

Fundraising Events Coordinator

Meriam “Twitch” Avades

What’s up?! I’m Twitch and I am extremely excited to be the Fundraising Coordinator for camp this year! I am a pre-medicine student studying to hopefully become an oncologist one day. Outside of Camp Kesem, you can find me driving with the windows rolled down blasting country music, spending time with my family, or eating peanut butter out of the jar! Although my heart will forever be in the great state of Michigan, I have a new found love for Arizona largely because of the amazing Camp Kesem ASU campers and counselors. I cannot wait to fundraise for potentially two of the greatest weeks CK ASU has seen!

Make the Magic Coordinator

Elizabeth “Mater” Perry
Howdy y’all my name is Elizabeth Perry, or better known as Mater! You may have seen me in the famous movie Cars! I’m from the small town of Holbrook, Arizona which was the inspiration for the lovely movie I star in! Currently I am studying psychology at ASU in order to someday become a child psychologist! You can find me slinging mud in the little Colorado river or watching my little brothers play football!! I can’t wait for camp so I can play capture the flag with all the crazy Camp Kesem kids and maybe I can make another appearance in the fashion show as Matrix!

Advisory Board

  • Phillip “Bobcat” Scharf — Pre-Medical Advisor; Camp Kesem Advisory Board Member 2006-2015
  • David Stuempfle — Faculty Advisor; Camp Kesem Advisory Board Member 2014-2015
  • Heather Toplak — Parent Advisors; Camp Kesem Advisory Board Members 2013-2015
  • Charise Azemopoulos — Parent Advisor: Camp Kesem Advisory Board Member 2012-2014
  • Jenay “Guppy” Travers — ASU Alumni; Camp Kesem Counselor 2006-2009; Camp Kesem Nurse 2010-2015
  • Angela “Rafiki” Li — CK IU Alumni; Advisory Board Member 2013-2015
  • Bethany “Peach” Slentz — CK UC Berkeley Alumni; Advisory Board Member 2013-2014
  • Tracey “Pebbles” Landstrom — Camp Kesem National Director 2013-2014
  • Marty “Goofy” Shamon — Camp Kesem Program Director 2014-2015