Adopt A Counselor


This year, the CKAA is pumped to be re-launching a program called “Adopt-a-Counselor” where we pair up Camp Kesem alumni with current student leaders who share the same interests and career goals.  We hope that by participating in the program, we can continue to grow the Camp Kesem bond by sharing and learning from each other as counselors prepare to graduate and long after!

The CKAA recognizes that every year, a class of especially awesome and talented Camp Kesem counselors graduate from college.  They were successful Camp Kesem leaders as undergrads and now are well into careers and graduate school.  We know they have stories, points of wisdom, and tips for our current CK student leaders as they, too, prepare to graduate.  The CKAA also knows that Camp Kesem counselors have thrived in leadership responsibilities at their campuses and have proven that they are people who will be successful in their endeavors after graduation.  We want to make available to them as a resource someone who shares both their passion for Camp Kesem and the same career interests.

Already, we have a good collection of people who are excited about the Adopt-a-Counselor Program, and in the next few weeks, we’ll begin pairing up Camp Kesem alumni with current Camp Kesem students.  Our goal is to set up a good match- creating student-alumni pairings that can truly learn from each other’s experiences and history.

Interested in getting in on the action?  Contact Michael “Jello” Finegan at  There’s no formal application- all we need to know are your interests, career goals and experience, and current or planned location.