Arizona State University is getting ready for our 9th annual Camp Kesem!

Camp Kesem is a college student run summer camp for kids with a parent who has cancer, is in remission from cancer, or has passed away from cancer.

Our Mission:

Camp Kesem recognizes and embraces the often-overlooked population of children affected by a parent’s cancer.

There are over 3 million kids affected by a parent’s cancer. Because they don’t appear sick, their needs are often not addressed – and they suffer quietly, which can have long-lasting effects.

Camp Kesem is the only national organization supporting their unique needs.

We create a peer support network for these kids which has life-long impact.

Our Programs:

• Summer Camps: Camp Kesem provides a network of free college-student run summer camps for kids affected by a parent’s cancer. Camps provide a unique and compassionate environment where kids can just be kids.

• Year-Round Support: Throughout the academic year, children affected by a parent’s cancer participate in reunions, connect with their peers, and receive support resources.

• Leadership Development Program: College students and counselors-in-training learn leadership skills and receive year-round training to organize and run each camp.

• Community Engagement and Civic Leadership: Camp Kesem engages alumni, community leaders, and camper families through advisory boards, alumni associations, and our Board of Directors.

• Scoring for Good: CK leverages the visibility and talents of professional athletes to help recognize and inspire children affected by a parent’s cancer.

Click here to watch our “Roar” lipdub video from this year’s camp!