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April Fools’ Day

After the exciting conclusion to Gold Rush – which featured our stellar police officers Muay Thai, Coco, Sparky, and Bugsy “arresting” campers and counselors for reasons such as “being too nice” – we had an early evening in preparation for a big day today.

Our campers and counselors arrived at the lodge for breakfast all decked out in USA gear and ready to celebrate the Fourth of July. They were in a for a big surprise: it turned out to be April Fool’s Day! We’re actually in the middle of Harry Potter Olympics, with our four teams vying to be the group with the most house points. Ravenclaw is currently in the lead after a strong showing at the field events, even after “silent lunch” – when campers have to stay silent for the whole meal or else risk losing house points. To make up for the silence, the counselors sang and danced to Disney music. (Plus, it was Taco Tuesday, which is always a crowd pleaser.)

Our campers and counselors are cooling off at rest hour now, and then it will be time for pool events and water competitions. Stay tuned for the big finale!