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An amazing week awaits us!

Hello CKUW supporters!

We hope you are all having a fantastic summer! Our counselors and administrators have been trying to beat the heat as we anxiously prepare for camp in 22 days! We’ve spent the summer making magic (see our Make the Magic Facebook album here!), becoming CPR certified (all of our counselors!!) and First Aid certified, among other things! Our Teen Camp administrators and counselors are having fun coming up with activities for camp, and we are so excited to have our first teen camp this year.

Tomorrow, we are holding our camper/parent information session at Union South from 2-4pm! New campers and families will have the chance to hear about camp, meet counselors, and have some fun! We are also excited to see some familiar campers and families tomorrow 🙂

Check back as we get closer to camp, and be ready for Facebook and Twitter updates during the week of camp as well. And now, a great quote from a camper family!

“The camp was truly a “magical” experience for our kids. When I picked them up from camp, they were happier than I had seen them since their father’s diagnosis. They talked about Color Wars and throwing the counselors into the lake; they sang camp songs, and they told me about the talent show and the campfires at night. They laughed and smiled as they told me stories of camp. They told me that they wanted to go to the UW (just like my husband and I did) and that they wanted to be Camp Kesem counselors someday. Camp Kesem brought light into the darkest period of their lives. We will always be grateful for that.”