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Camp Kesem empowers a generation of student-leaders at colleges across America by allowing college students to channel their passion for making a difference. Each of our camps is organized and operated by a talented group of student-leaders who develop critical leadership skills and a passion for long-term social impact.


Empowering Future Leaders

Camp Kesem student leaders are full-time undergraduate students at universities around the country.  In addition to their academic workload, these students each take different aspects of the Camp Kesem planning process in order to make Camp Kesem happen.  Each year, on every Camp Kesem campus, our student leaders:

  • Raise at least $20,000
  • Create, track, and manage a budget
  • Market and publicize Camp Kesem to their local community
  • Develop community partnerships for camper recruitment
  • Recruit and train at least 20 counselors

These different aspects of planning Camp Kesem give our student leaders skills that they can use well beyond their college years.  Students gain invaluable experience in project management, community relations, marketing, human resources, accounting, and fundraising.  Also, they gain an understanding of the non-profit world- and how they can use these skills to make a difference after college.