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A Terrific Tuesday!

At breakfast today, the campers and counselors filled up with egg casserole, blueberry muffins, oatmeal and grapes.

Each unit decorated their team banners with their own original designs at arts and crafts time with Megasaurus. Dini had put-put ready in the front field for the campers to play during their sports unit and announced every camper who got a hole-in-one at dinner time. (We had over 20!)

After running around all morning, we were starving! The campers loved having hotdogs, waffle fries and salad for lunch before heading to adventure time with Mr. B. He kept the units occupied on a nature hike through the woods to collect rocks they could use for craft time on Thursday. The teams learned the Milk song during theatre with Cherry and continued practicing their skits for the talent show on Friday.

We had two hours of pooltime with the counselors again where the campers enjoyed timing themselves on the water slide and making the counselors compete so they could determine who was the strongest. We had an all camp caterpillar race and huge slip’n slide on the front lawn in the afternoon too!

The campers had unit time together in their cabins and then enjoyed chicken pot pie for dinner with hawaiian rolls and coleslaw before getting ready for the night. Our closing circle was out on the sports field tonight and the campers sang “Lean on Me”, “The Closing Circle Song” and did the “Camp Kesem Chant” before heading back to their cabins for cabin chats and bedtime! We had another flashlight party on the girls floor and the boys decided they liked the idea and had their own on their floor last night!

Tomorrow promises to me just as much fun–and definitely a little messier!

Kesem Love,

The Admin Team