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A Great Kesem Weekend

And oh what a great Camp Kesem weekend it was!  This past weekend we had a couple great events: the first CKIU Scavenger Hunt and our first reunion of the year.

The Scavenger Hunt was our first social event of the year for our counselors and prospective counselors.  We are hoping that these events can help build comradery amongst all of us college kids and help us make an even better effort to put on a great camp.  The scavenger hunt consisted of a number of different activities around campus including:

  • Shaking hands with the Herman B Wells Statue
  • Taking a picture with a random person at the Sample Gates
  • Playing leapfrog around Showalter Fountain
  • Sing the camp song “Jiggalo” in the arboretum
  • Sing the IU Fight Song at the Sample Gates

All of the activities had to be recorded in someway and the team with the best pictures will be crowned champion.  (The judging process is going on now.)

On Sunday, we welcomed campers and their families to Bloomington for our annual Fall Reunion.  We held our reunion at a local laser tag establishment where campers, counselors and even parents got to play unlimited laser tag and arcade games.  Its fare to say that the counselors had just as much fun as all of the campers did. It was also great to see everyone again and the Spring Reunion can’t come soon enough.

Coming up soon, on November 11th, we have our first Make the Magic event of the year happening in Bloomington at the Holiday Inn on N. Kinser Pike.  The event starts at 1:00 PM and includes a light lunch, silent auction, musical performance and camper/counselor/parent testimonials.  If you are in the area at that time or would like to join us please click on the following link to register.


Hope everyone has a good couple of weeks!