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A Fantastic February!

Here’s what has been happening at Camp Kesem Mizzou!


Greek Week Beneficiary Selection!

We are SO excited to announce that Camp Kesem Mizzou was officially announced as one of the beneficiaries for Mizzou’s 2013 Greek Week! Greek Week occurs every year in April and features a blood drive, canned food drive, sports competition between Fraternity and Sorority pairings, and also a skit competition. In addition, each Fraternity and Sorority pairing is designated a beneficiary to help raise funds for and last year more than a $106,000 was raised and shared among each beneficiary! We are so grateful to receive this honor and cannot thank the community here at Mizzou enough for the constant support we receive!


counselorsCounselor Interviews!

Over the last week our Student Support coordinators, Sushi and Coco, have been conducting interviews for new counselors for camp this summer! We had around 50 people apply and interview for this amazing opportunity and we were very happy with the awesome people we have met through the process. We also got to see some of our potential counselors best dance moves as everyone who interviewed had to come into the room singing and dancing to their favorite Britney Spears song! Though it will be hard to pick a select number out of this awesome group, we are all very excited to welcome our new counselors to the family in the coming weeks!


Fruit Loop and some of her favorite campers!
Fruit Loop (second from left) and some of her favorite campers!

Counselor Spotlight: Fruit Loop

I got involved in Kesem when a friend of mine mentioned something to me about becoming a part of the organization because of the activities I had volunteered with in high school. I was a fundraising coordinator last year and this year I am coordinator for our first Make the Magic event. Make the Magic is an auction that Camp Kesem chapters all across the nation throw in order to raise money for camp. My favorite memory from camp last year (besides meeting all the cute campers of course!) were our cabin chats every night. They were small groups where the kids really were able to open up about their parents’ sickness and relate with their peers. It’s so amazing to know that something small that we can do is changing these kids lives forever. I can’t wait to make ten times the memories this summer at our second camp!

Make the rest of February great!

Peace. Love. Kesem.

-The Coordinators