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4th and last full day at CK UR


Yesterday was another fun day a CK UR. The morning rotations proceeded as normal after breakfast, with the campers making caterpillar magnets in Arts and Crafts and playing kickball during Sports. In adventure nature, the kids were able to take advantage of the awesome frisbee golf course that westview has on its campsite. In the last rotation, Drama, the campers decided on and practiced what they would be doing for the talent show after lunch.

The Talent Show was so much fun. Many of the kids participated, presenting talents ranging from singing and dancing to Harry Potter trivia knowledge. All of the campers were featured in their group music videos that were hysterically funny. They will be a part of the slideshow on Thursday for you all to enjoy.

Later that night, the Westend Comedy Group stopped by camp and held an improv show for the kids to enjoy before they returned to their cabins for the night.



Today we held most of the campers’ favorite activity  — Color Wars. After waking up in the morning, we split the campers up into five teams, mixing up the cabins to give the kids a chance to get to know different campers and counselors. The teams were incredibly even this year, with each team winning either an event (team cheer, dizzy cone, un-freezing a frozen t-shirt, and capture the flag) or the overall competition.

After Color Wars, the campers had lunch and feet on bed time, followed by more pool time / fishing, and lake time (zip-line & water trampoline).

Right now the campers are on their way over to the “Carnival”, where we have a bouncy castle, giant slide, an inflatable “joust” game, cotton candy, a juggler / entertainer, and other assorted games. The event winners and overall winner of Color Wars will be announced at the end of the carnival. The prize for the winners will be the honor of pie-ing any counselor (or member of the admin staff) in the face first. This year we opted for cool-whip instead of whipped cream — it is surprising how fast whipped cream curdles and smells bad when it is stuck in your nose.

The Carnival should be a great time for the kids and we’ll see you all tomorrow!