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49ers Aldon Smith Visits Camp Kesem UC-Davis!

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WHAT: 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith will make a special visit to over 101 campers from Camp Kesem (UC-Davis) as part of the camp’s “Aldon Smith Day.” Aldon will participate in camp games and songs, provide football tips to the campers, and sign autographs.
For the 2013 season, Aldon has partnered with Camp Kesem to launch “Scoring for Good” — a novel fundraising program that will send children affected by a parent’s cancer to Camp Kesem every time participating NFL players register sacks or score touchdowns. In addition to visiting with campers, Aldon will donate funds to send one kid to camp every time he obtains a sack during the 2013 season. Camp Kesem provides a college student-led nationwide network of free summer camps and year-round support programs for kids, aged 6-16, who have a parent with cancer or have lost a parent to cancer.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 19th
Media check-in: 4:00PM
Interviews: 4:30 PM

WHERE: YMCA Camp Jones Gulch
11000 Pescadero Rd
La Honda, CA 94020

ALL MEDIA MUST RSVP TO: Elizabeth@ejmediagroup.com