2013-2014 Volunteer Coordinators

We are proud to introduce to everyone our Volunteer Coordinators for our first chapter of  UC Santa Cruz Camp Kesem. These spirited Coordinators have created the volunteer base that we have today. From the info nights to selling bagels around campus, the Volunteer Coordinators have helped us raise money for our goal and are helping us find camp counselors for our first ever camp!!


  • Student Recruitment for Committees
    • Develop and implement student volunteer recruitment strategy
    • Lead efforts to meet the student volunteer recruitment needs of committees throughout the year
    • Lead recruitment process for new student coordinators towards the end of the academic year
    • Plan semester/quarter-end celebrations and any other student recognition events
  • Counselor Recruitment & Selection
    • Develop and implement counselor recruitment strategy
    • Develop/update counselor application and all related materials
    • Develop/update counselor interview packets and organize counselor interviews
  • Counselor Training
    • Develop and implement counselor training program, including all logistics, planning of sessions, guest facilitators, etc.
  • Counselor Debriefing
    • Develop and implement Counselor Debriefing Program.


Fall quarter went great for the Student Volunteer committee. We have recruited many fresh faces and are still continuing those efforts! Our fundraising has been successful twofold, by helping us raise the money we need to run our first camp as well as spread awareness on our campus. Tabling at the Quarry and selling donated bagels and hot cider was a big hit in the Fall and we look forward to tabling again this quarter with Noah’s Bagel’s generous donation. The Student Volunteer Committee has the job of engaging volunteers and recruiting them, planning fun bonding events, on campus fundraising and campus engagement as well as hiring and training the students who will go on to be counselors. We can’t wait to keep up the hard work and our incredible team that never stops growing!


Name/ Camp Name: Gaby Bornstein AKA Lil’ Bear

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Birthday: January 8th 1994 (Capricorn!)

Major/Year: Second year Psychology Major & Jewish Studies Minor

Favorite Candy: Nerds rope

Why you are a part of Camp Kesem: I have had the fortune to cross paths with Katie Sweeney, whose personal story of her time at the Stanford Camp Kesem touched my soul. I knew that this camp impacted the lives of the campers more than I would ever know. So when we brought Camp Kesem for UC Santa Cruz, I knew in my heart I had to be a part of it, to help positively impact and change the lives of kids just like my wonderful friend Katie.

Why did you choose your Camp Name: I choose the nickname “lil bear” because through my lifelong love affair with summer camps, Bears have always been symbolic in some form. Whether it was the bear that would roam through girls’ camp at Skylake (true story!), or a nick name I received for scaring my campers into not sneaking out at night by pretending there was a big ole bear outside the cabin (but it was really just lil old me!) Mama bears are protective and caring and determined, which is something that I feel is an embodiment of the way I feel about Camp Kesem, my bear cub that I will keep safe and help grow!

3 words that describe yourself: Empathetic, Passionate, Empowered

If there was one place you travel to in the world right now, where would you go and why: I would go to Yosemite circa summer 1980 and backpack with the people who were there at the time. There is an old photo my dad gave me of him and his friend from there and it looks so magical and untouched.



Name/ Camp Name: Oliver Standring/ Rambo

Hometown: Venice Beach, CA

Birthday: January 4th 1991

Major/ Year: Economics 4.25

Favorite Candy: Peanut butter cups

3 Words that describe yourself: Fun, Patient, Logical

If there was one place you could travel to in the world right now, where would you go and why: Australia, because it is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, and they have nice beaches.