2013-2014 Special Events Coordinator

We are proud to introduce to everyone our Special Events Coordinator for our first chapter of  UC Santa Cruz Camp Kesem. This fantastic Coordinator came out of nowhere and rocked our worlds! Froggie has helped us plan fundraisers and spread that contagious camp spirit around the Leadership board!


  • Campus and/or Community Fundraisers
  • Create and run fundraising events on campus and/or in the local community
  • Network and build vendor relationships
  • Outreach to the community


On January 16th we held our “Thank You Thursday” Fundraiser at Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. Many pints of beer were sold, with $1 from each one being donated to Camp Kesem UCSC!  On February 25th we will be hosting a fundraiser at 99 Bottles in beautiful Downtown Santa Cruz. If you mention Camp Kesem from 6-10 pm, 15% of your food or drink order will be donated to help us reach our goals! I’m also reaching out to the Greek Community at UCSC to host philanthropy based mixers benefiting Camp Kesem. Currently I am in the beginning stages of finding a location for our silent auction that will be happening during Spring Quarter. I’m really excited and honored to build relationships with the Santa Cruz community on behalf of Camp Kesem and work with such an amazing team!



Name/ Camp Name: Lori Nixon aka- Froggie

Hometown: Poway, CA .. a suburb of San Diego Birthday: April 2, 1986

Major/Year: 3rd year transfer/ Intensive Sociology Major & Education Minor

Favorite Candy: Reese’s anything

Why you are a part of Camp Kesem: Participating in Girl Scout, YMCA and science camps has been a huge part of my childhood, teenage years, and now adult life. Some of the most important moments in my life happened at, or because of, camp. I want to help the next generation of campers feel comfortable to be themselves. Also, I want to help create a safe space for fun and growth!

Why did you chose your Camp Name: It’s my childhood/life nickname

3 words that describe yourself: Funny, friendly and feisty!

If there was one place you travel to in the world right now, where would you go and why: Texas, to visit my mom