2013-2014 Development Coordinators

We are proud to introduce to everyone our Development Coordinators for our first chapter of  UC Santa Cruz Camp Kesem. These wonderful Coordinators have planned successful fundraisers from Woodstock to Chipotle to help raise money towards are $30,000 goal. It costs around $1000 to bring and support one camper and the development team are dedicated to bringing 30 amazing kids to our camp! Dori and Polka Dot have some awesome fundraisers coming up for us!!


  • Foundations/Corporations/Organizations
    • Research potential foundation/corporate funders
    • Submit grant proposals to prospective foundation/corporate funders
    • Maintain relationships with foundation/corporate funders
    • Complete follow-up and reporting requirements of foundation/corporate funders
    • Develop and execute on-campus fundraising strategy
  • Private Donors
    • Develop/update all collateral used for private donors (i.e. pledge card, solicitation letter, etc.)
    • Develop and implement Raising More Money or other private donor cultivation strategy, including a direct mail campaign that involves all volunteer students
    • Manage donation processing
    • 2nd+ year: Manage production of promotional video
  • Campus and/or Community Fundraisers
    • Create and run fundraising events on campus and/or in the local community


So far we have held our first letter writing party and planned out our two upcoming letters writing parties with different organizations in our campus. We’ve met with our board advisor and planned out future fundraisers and grant writing also contributed to fundraising events in the past quarter including bagel sales, wood stock’s pizza, and college dance.  We’ve updated our spreadsheets of all online and offline donations. We’ve sent out thank you letters to all donators.  



Name/ Camp Name: Alex Cota/ Polka Dot

Hometown: Sonora, California

Birthday: October 14, 1992

Major/Year: History/Senior

Favorite Candy: caramel apple lollipops

Why you are a part of Camp Kesem: I joined because I know how important it is for kids to have a strong support network when their parents are ill or have passed away. I also love the new Kesem friends I’ve made who are just as excited to make a difference as I am.

Why did you chose your Camp Name: Polka Dots are simple, fun, girly and can be very colorful like me!


camp kesem

Name/ Camp Name: Doris Prasad/ Bubbles

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Birthday: February 7th, 1993

Major/Year: Legal Studies/ 3rd year

Favorite Candy: Sour belts & Ferrer Roche, Kit kat

Why you are a part of Camp Kesem: Hearing about Camp Kesem and seeing how just one person can make a difference in someone life, not only the kids but their families also, it’s amazing. If I can inspire even only one child, it’s all worth it.

Why you chose your Camp Name: I felt Bubbles from the powder puff personality ingredient is similar to me! She’s made of sugar and her signature color is blue. Bubbles seen as kind and very sweet but she is also capable of extreme rage.

3 words that describe yourself: Caring, Easy-going, Understanding

If there was one place you travel to in the world right now, where would you go and why?

One place I would travel right now would be any exotic islands because I love beautiful relaxing beaches right beside the ocean.