Ye olde Camp Kesem is half way through! Today the kingdom was all a buzz as we hastily prepared to defeat the evil Lord Lightning. With our campers hot on his trail, Lord Lightning wasted no time in sending a storm only a Lord of Lightning could conjure. As the sun rose over the horizon of blue mountains, the sky turned a sinister grey and opened up to a monstrous downpour. Our campers were not deterred. They made their way to the armory and skillfully crafted camouflage (tie-dye) and wizard hats, one for a sneaky attack and the other to improve their magical defenses.S1020016

Once fully prepared, campers set out in canoes, paddle boats and kayaks on their way to Lord Lightning’s secret lair. However, before they could complete their journey, a series of tests obstructed their way. Campers mental capabilities were challenged during games that involved getting an Oreo from your forehead to mouth without using your hands along with balancing dice on the tip of a Popsicle stick. Once all challenges were swiftly overcome in our minute-to-win-it style games, campers captured the flag until the sun sunk beneath the mountain’s peak.

S10200162Our oldest campers canoed under the stars while the others climbed into bed for another night of cabin chats. Bottom bunks hopped up top to sit with friends as everyone gathered around to digest the day’s events. Who is your role model one counselor
asked? Names of family members or friends were spoken allowed for all to hear. The words that resonated off the walls reflected wisdom far beyond the years of our campers.

The truth is, they’ve been through more in their short lives than many do in a lifetime. Hospital visits are all too familiar and fear is a constant companion. Cancer may have taken away part of their childhood, but it also instilled in them an understanding of the world. To them, happiness is time spent with people they love and strength is a parent who no matter what, always has a smile on their face. At Camp Kesem our kids are a bit different than others. They understand what most people spend their whole lives taking for granted. They know how special life is.