Meet CK Alumni Yun “Rain” Xue

Camp Name: Rain

What school did you attend, what was your field of study, and when did you graduate?
MIT – Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Graduated in 2012.

What positions did you hold in Camp Kesem?
Counselor, Unit Leader, Fundraising Coordinator, Camper Care Coordinator, Co-Chair

What are you up to now? Where do you live?
I am a first-year student at Harvard Medical School’s New Pathway program, and I live in Boston by the Longwood Medical Campus.

How did Camp Kesem impact where you are today?
Camp Kesem made me who I am today! It taught me all the nuances of leadership and teamwork. I learned lifelong skills that are fundamental skills needed in my career field – how to manage time, be organized, delegate when needed, communicate with others, give and receive critical feedback, and write/speak clearly. In addition, it provided me with a second family throughout college, friends who I will cherish for the rest of my life, and the inspiration to try and make a difference every day.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I can sing the alphabet song backwards.

Where did your camp name come from?
I didn’t want to be eaten, and I didn’t want to be cute and fluffy, so I chose something simple and elemental.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
I’m a happy, idealistic, easy-going kind of girl who loves to meet new people and experience new adventures. I love to eat, sleep, and watch Suits. And I love being in medical school. Come be friends with me!

If you would like to ask Rain more questions about her career path and life in
Boston, please contact the Counselor to Career Committee at c2c@campkesem.org.